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Rediscover Your Own Healing Powers

InHer Therapy Healing & Wellness

InHer Therapy Healing and Wellness offers a variety of natural healing services designed to guide you into the healing of your spiritual ,mental, emotional, and physical bodies . We consider ourselves educators as well as healers, since we teach each patient about the strength that they carry within their own bodies. We help you to begin the healing process. After all our purpose here is to guide you into your own self awareness that YOU have ALWAYS had the power to change, better, and heal yourself. Give us a call today to begin your own journey!


Reiki: Energy Healing

Feeling like your body and soul are not exactly connected? Are you feeling stressed, depressed, on edge, and etc? An Energy healing session  will put your body at ease. Take some time out of your busy day to begin to heal yourself the right way. There are many known benefits of Reiki such as alleviating migraines, aiding in better sleep, promotes the healing process in the body, reduces blood pressure, relieve pain, and most importantly helps you to find a sense of purpose in your life! Our certified healers can help you. Book your appointment today.


Nutritional Therapy: Creating Healthier Relationships with Food

Food is the real medicine. Through our Hands-on cooking /demo program, our goal is  to inspire healthy change through food education! Teaching clients to prep plant-based or vegan dishes. Aren't you tired of salads?  Diseases, chronic conditions, inflammation, and immune system disorders are often attributed to our daily consumption. A healthy consumption combined with proper herbs can drastically improve your problem. When you eat better, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn results in healthier lifestyles, and ultimately in a well balanced individual. Book your appointment today to start your healing journey.


Reflexology: Give your Feet & Hands some Love.

Reflexology is the ancient art of foot and hand massaging. When it comes to taking care of the body, the hands and the feet are the most overlooked parts  of the body. We are on our feets and using our hands constantly which puts stress on them. Reflexology will improve nerve function, boost energy levels, stimulate blood circulation and more! Contact us today to book your appointment and give your feet and hand the attention it deserves.

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Wellness Consultation

Looking for professional advice that you can trust when it comes to what's best for your health? We understand how challenging it can be when it comes to taking the appropriate steps. Sometimes you just don't know where to start. Well we do! We will help you. Book your appointment today to start your healing journey.

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Inner Work Fitness Coaching

Do you need that extra push? We don't just focus on the outer exterior off the body, but also the internal parts of the body as well. We realized that being physically fit isn't just about a nice body but a good healthy running body. With our training you will instantly Gain Clarity, Increase Libido, Regulate Cardiovascular System, (improve organ function), Release Damaging Toxins, Drastically Improve Oxygen Deprivation, Lose, & Tone Excessive Fat, and more! Having a nice toned body is just the icing on the cake!Private training is available as well. Call today to get started on a New & Improve you.


Urine Analysis Consultation

An Urine Analysis is done to detect early indicators of stress to the organs or infections such as UTIs. We also check the urine combined with a mouth swab to get the PH of the body. Disease can only thrive in a body that is acidic not Alkaline. Take preventative measures today and call to  schedule your Urine Analysis Consultation today!


Herbal Therapy

 Food is medicine. Herbs are foods that feeds our bodies what it needs to prevent or alleviate  diseases. Before there was prescription, Mother Nature already provided us with the Herbs to heal us! We have Burdock Root for Baldness, Sarsaparilla Root is your low in Iron, Yohimbe for the male Libido, Damiana for the womens Libido, Red Raspberry to strengthen the Female Reproductive System and more! You can take these herbs in capsule form or as a tea! Book your appointment today to start your healing journey.

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Weight Loss Therapy

Weight Loss therapy is for those who are serious about making dramatic changes. Do you want to lose weight? We will guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the results you are looking for. Not just lost of physical weight, but helping you to align mind, body, and spirit . What's physical health without the Mind, and Spirit being in balance as well. Contact us today to book your appointment and get your Wellness journey started today! New Year , New You right?

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