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A Family of Healers

Here to guide You

At InHer Therapy Healing and Wellness we are passionate about what we do. We change people’s lives by helping them unlock their own healing potential. Our talented staff is made up of skilled healers who love passing on their knowledge and techniques off to their clients. They come from all walks of life and are united in their passion for alternative healing. They have all worked in a variety of different health care capacities, but have come together to share their passion for healing.

Tropical Leaves

Shannaire Ruffin

Energy Healer
Holistic Health & Wellness Consultant
Wellness Mentor

Published Author

This isn't just a profession for me. I consider it to be part of my purpose for existing. I'm doing what I love and that's to help in my own way. Guiding people to heal themselves naturally is my magic. I did it for myself first and my family. I was  once over weight, back hurting,hair thinning, knees aching,low on energy and etc. I wanted change. I am a big believer that their is purpose behind our pain. All that I went through in my own wellness journey, was so that I can assist others. I am doing just that.

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